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    What is Mother and Baby Care?

    Pregnancy care includes three sections pre-birth care, during pregnancy and post pregnancy care. While a great deal of consideration is given to pre-birth care, post pregnancy care is similarly significant. Truth be told, post pregnancy is a troublesome period and the new mother requires a ton of care, direction and consideration for the appropriate recuperation and great strength of both the mother and the kid. Conceiving an offspring can be both an enthusiastic and upsetting period for another mother. As per the World Health Organization (WHO) the initial 24 hours after birth are generally basic for both the child and the mother and appropriate consideration and consideration should be given to the new mother and the child in this period.

    Life as a parent is a staggering encounter and in this day and age where couple’s are in some cases compelled to reside away from their families or have no family support in this basic period, they need to deal with the child all alone. This converts into a great deal of work and stress for the inexperienced parents, particularly in the initial not many months which are basic for both the child and the mother.

    About St. Xavier's School

    St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School is a private Catholic essential and auxiliary school situated in Raj Niwas Marg in the Civil Lines area of North Delhi, in India. Established by the Jesuits in 1960 as a private school for young men in particular, the school has turned into a Christian minority area co-instructive school providing food for understudies from preliminary to Grade 12. The school is perceived by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration, and is associated to the Central Board of Secondary Education for the All India Secondary School Examination and All India Senior School Certificate Examination.

    A subsidiary school in neighboring Rohini incorporates a lesser school, professional preparation foundation, and a National Institute of Open Schooling (evening instructional exercise). This school involved its new site on 1 May 1998 and has partaken in the managerial help of the Congregation of Jesus (CJ) sisters beginning around 2006.

    Emblem of St. Xavier's School

    The two lions (like the four on the Ashoka Pillar holding the Dharma Chakra, the Wheel Of Order) hold the Xavier peak high up, declaring the goals of the Republic of India and its legacy represented by the Lotus, the bloom of India.

    The IHS (the initial three letters in Greek of the name Jesus) represent the Society of Jesus; the moonlike checkered and transformed bow is taken from the Coat-of-Arms of the House of Xavier representing the one after whom the school is named.

    The engraving at the base declares that St. Xavier’s school was established in 1960 and is situated in Delhi. Esto Vir (Latin for “Take care of business”) is taken from the goodbye guidance of King David to his child and illustrious replacement, Solomon: “I’m going to kick the bucket. Be solid and show yourself a man (Esto Vir) and keep the charge of the Lord, your God strolling in His ways and keeping His resolutions and rules so you might flourish in everything you do.” Later the importance of Esto Vir was changed to “Be human”.

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