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24 hours Nursing Services in Civil Lines

We Provide Nursing Services, Post Operative care services, Patient Attendant Services, Mother & Baby Care, Geriatric Care and patient aya at Home.

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What are the roles of a Nurse?

The essential job of an attendant is to supporter and care for people and backing them through wellbeing and sickness. In any case, there are different obligations of an attendant that structure a piece of the job of a medical caretaker, including to:

  1. Record clinical history and side effects
  2. Work together with groups to anticipate patient consideration
  3. Advocate for the wellbeing and prosperity of patients
  4. Screen patient wellbeing and record signs
  5. Direct drugs and medicines
  6. Work clinical gear
  7. Perform demonstrative tests
  8. Teach patients about administration of sicknesses
  9. Offer help and guidance to patients

Surrounding Areas in Civil Lines

  • Delhi University, North Campus
  • Mukherjee Nagar: an educational hub, mostly known for S.S.C and I.A.S. coachings. It used to had a famous
  • Batra Cinema.
  • Kingsway Camp: the main road of G.T.B. Nagar. It is a very congested market.
  • Timarpur: residential bungalows and multi-story apartment blocks of the Central Government and the Delhi Administration employee. It includes a private residential colony called the Benarasi Dass Estate aka the BD Estate
  • BD Estate Market. It also houses the Delhi Metro Khyber Pass Terminal and train maintenance yards. Site for an upcoming large multi-story private residential complex called La Tropicana.
  • Radio Colony: a housing colony for employees of All India Radio
  • Dhir Pur: a small and congested village near Rosary School
  • Dhaka Village: a concentration of rental housing for students
  • Gandhi Ashram, Delhi: a green open area, sometimes having a “Khadi Mela”. Once Mahatma Gandhi visited it.
  • Parmanand Colony: Most of the Sikhs and Punjabis live here.
  • Model Town: an affluent neighborhood with a popular shopping district with many branded showrooms
  • Munshi Ram Colony/Dairy: a residential area adjacent to Parade Marg and Sant Nirankari Public School
  • Nirankari Colony
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