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We Provide Nursing Services, Post Operative care services, Patient Attendant Services, Mother & Baby Care, Geriatric Care and patient aya at Home.

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    Patient Attendant in Delhi

    We never want our loved ones to get any surgery or a bad ailment or a bad disease. That being said, it’s also true that sickness and age related ailments, diseases or surgeries always happen to our dear ones or the old age people in our families. Should something happen to someone who is near and dear to us, their care and maintenance become our responsibility. But, when their is a big surgery involved or a big disease is involved, Professional help in such situations is a must . Hiring a Male Attendant or a Female Attendant for Post Surgical Care, Geriatric Care, Care after Knee Replacement, etc. is the right step, at this point of time.

    Other than Post Surgical Paitents , who needs Attendant care:

    • A loved one is bedridden and requires assistance with daily tasks
    • A loved one is old, needs assistance with daily tasks and requires company
    • There’s a new born baby and you would like a hand in taking care of the baby
    • A loved one Is affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and wishes to be watched

    Finding good, well mannered, experienced, and kind hearted Patient Attendant in Delhi is an enormous challenge, a mammoth task in itself. There is a plethora of Patient Care services and websites on the internet today. you’ll search through many of these websites which provide Patient Care ServicesAttendants, Nurse, Aya or Physiotherapists, OR you can around hospitals for details and still might find yourself with someone who is not at all experienced and doesn’t know anything about Patient Care or Post Surgical Patient Care.

    But, here at SHIVAM NURSES BUREAU (REGD.) all our staff is:

    Well Mannered


    Background verified

    We have served  more than 20 years in this industry. We have served and taken care of numerous patients and this 2 decade long service makes us stand ahead in the queue.

    Patient Attendant in Delhi, At Home Patient Care Attendant in Delhi

    Shivam Nursing Bureau has served more than 20 years in this industry. We have served and taken care of numerous patients and this 2 decade long service makes us stand ahead in the queue.

    There are many qualities which make an honest Patient Attendant. Often the qualities of an attendant is dependent on the service provider agency. If the nursing agency is registered, old, well experienced and highly rated then its staff will for sure be well behaved, trustworthy and skilled. That being said, we- SHIVAM NURSES BUREAU (REGD.) do a rigorous and thorough BACKGROUND CHECK of our staff.

    The abilities of a Professional Patient Attendant are:

    • Trustworthiness of the Agency and the person

    The first and foremost things to think about in any Nursing Service Provider or an individual  Patient Attendant is their trustworthiness. Everything comes right down to trust. After all, if you can’t trust the person/ agency, then how would you think that he/she is true for the job?

    You need to be confident and sure that the attendant that you are hiring is skilled and trustworthy. He/she is able to handle the patient very well. So, to check an attendant:

    • During his/her first visit, talk to the person.
    • check the rating and reviews of the agency.
    • Ability to Respond Judiciously to the Situation (Ability to Adopt to the Situation)

    Ability to respond judiciously to the situation is vital for any Patient Attendant. you should check that the Patient Attendant can respond quickly to any situation what so ever. The health of the patient can take a turn for the more severe even when everything seems alright. it’s important for the Patient Attendant in such situations to calmly observe it all and then react accordingly. The Attendant should not Panic at such times. Also the attendant should be alert and posses the skill of judicious critical thinking.

    • Maintaining Composure

    Dealing with the patients is a task of much care and seriousness. One has got to administer the drugs at the proper times, help them with their food and confirm that the diseased person isn’t doing something which will adversely affect their health. One must be particularly calm when handling the sick.

    A caretaker should not loose focus and composure when the patient isn’t behaving accordingly. this is often normal, after all, we are all human. The Patient Attendant should be ready to control his/her emotions even when the patient is refusing to cooperate. Responding harshly to a patient who is refusing to cooperate can have a negative impact.

    Logic doesn’t always apply while handling the sick and harsh language in such a situation can cause more damage, mentally and emotionally. The Patient Attendant should consider the patient a bit like a toddler and look after him/her likewise. The Attendant ought to be empathetic to the condition of the patient.

    you should keep in mind that you aren’t hiring a doctor. Instead, you’re hiring someone who can temporarily take your place.

    From everyday needs to First aid and a basic medical aid. A well trained and skilled Patient Attendant will assist and help the patient properly, as and when required. Among the various tasks that a trained attendant is provided to perform, a number of them include:

    Personal Hygiene and cleanliness like dressing, assisting with toilet usage, going to toilet and coming back etc.

    Basic wound management

    Assistance while exercising, walking etc.

    Not only physical comforts, a trained attendant also takes care of the emotional well-being of the patient also , since patients are susceptible to depression after they’re discharged from the hospital.

    • Day Shift – 12 hours during the day. Mostly: 8A.M.- 8P.M OR 9A.M- 9P.M.
    • Night Shift- 12 hours during the night. Mostly: 8P.M- 8A.M. OR 9P.M- 9A.M.
    • Full-time Attendant- 24 hours
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