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Cardiac Surgery

We Provide Nursing Services, Post Operative care services, Patient Attendant Services, Mother & Baby Care, Geriatric Care and patient aya at Home.

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What is Cardiac Surgery?

Heart activity can resolve issues with the heart in the event that different medicines haven’t worked or can’t be utilized. The most extensively seen sort of heart activity for grown-ups is coronary channel abstain from consolidating (CABG). During CABG, a sound section or vein from the body is connected, or combined, to an irritated coronary (heart) guide.

Specialists additionally use heart activity to:

  • Fix heart valves, which control blood course through the heart
  • Fix unprecedented or hurt developments in the heart
  • Embed clinical contraptions that assistance with controlling the heartbeat or sponsorship heart limit and circulatory framework
  • Supersede a hurt heart with a sound heart from a benefactor
  • Treat cardiovascular breakdown and coronary ailment
    Control remarkable heart rhythms

What Happens on Heart Failure?

Heart failure signs and symptoms may include:

Shortness in Breathing
Fatigue & Weakness
Swelling in Body Parts
Reduced abilities
Persistent Cough
Rapid Weight Gain
Nausea & lack of Appetite
Chest Pain

Why choose us?

Benefits of Onco Nurse/Attendent for Patient at home.

Highly Trained Nurses & Attendent

Affordable Cost

Well Experienced Staff

Time Efficient

Proper Covid Precautions Taken

Saves Time, Energy & Money

Better Patient Management

Patient-Centred Care

Individual Patient Preferences, Needs And Values

Improvement In Physical And Mental Well-Being

Care For Your Family Members In Your Absence

Give Medical Assistance In Hostile Situations


We provide Post Surgical Care & other Nursing services in Delhi - NCR.
viz. East Delhi, West Delhi, North Delhi, South Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon (Gurugram), Sonipat, etc.

Male/Female Nurses

Our motive is to provide good post medical/surgical nursing services after a patient is discharged from a nursing home/hospital so that the patient’s recovery becomes more economical and affordable.

Male/Female Patient Attendants

One may not require the services of a trained nurse but needs a person who is familiar with how to handle a patient, we are there to provide male/female patient attendants.


We provide qualified and experienced physiotherapists, fully equipped with latest equipment like IFT, Ultra Sonic, SWD, Laser Therapy, MS etc., to treat patients at their homes.


Ayas who can take care of not only new borns but also elderly or sick people. In fact, they are very helpful in the case of working mothers or working couples. When the working couple is out for work, these Ayas can take care of kids or elderly people who are left at home.

Mother and Baby Care

For the senior citizens, we do have the Qualified and Experienced Physiotherapists are available for catering your physio needs and helps in faster recovery.

Equipment on rent

Medical Equipments are available on rent, Especially during the Covid Pandemic times, you need best equipments at your home.