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Old Age Care

We Provide Nursing Services, Post Operative care services, Patient Attendant Services, Mother & Baby Care, Geriatric Care and patient aya at Home.

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    What is Old Age or Geriatic Care?

    Elderly Care at Home Geriatric Care revolves around assistance in daily living activities like bathing, toileting, feeding, walking etc. Home care plays an important role in promoting the mental health of an individual, so our caregivers engage in emotionally bonding activities like talking to them like a companion, or hearing them out, infused with a high level of patience and calmness. Since our elders need continuous caretaking and long-term assistance, we have developed a planned approach for home care for the elderly that promotes their independence and gives them a sense of dignity, while taking care of them in the comfort of their own homes.

    Chronic health problems often come about as people age and are unable to perform many of the activities they once could. Their bodies may become more fragile, more rigid, and less resilient. Chronic illnesses may cause secondary impairments, or new illnesses to develop.

    Problems they suffer

    Some major warning signs to watch out for Geriatic Care.

    Physical Problems
    • Gait, stability (walking problems)
    • Sensory issues (a loss or decline in hearing, seeing, smelling)
    • Chronic health conditions (diabetes, heart disease, arthritis)
    • Temporary or permanent physical limitations
    Cognitive Problems
    • Confusion
    • Memory loss
    • Attention problems
    • Forgetting to take medicines in right time in proper manner
    • Language problems
    • Dementia
    Emotional Problems
    • Depression
    • Social withdrawal
    • Loneliness
    • Changes in personality (irritable, angry, moody, etc.)
    • Loss of interest in activities

    Why choose us?

    Benefits of Onco Nurse/Attendent for Patient at home.

    Highly Trained Nurses & Attendent

    Affordable Cost

    Well Experienced Staff

    Time Efficient

    Proper Covid Precautions Taken

    Saves Time, Energy & Money

    Better Patient Management

    Patient-Centred Care

    Individual Patient Preferences, Needs And Values

    Improvement In Physical And Mental Well-Being

    Care For Your Family Members In Your Absence

    Give Medical Assistance In Hostile Situations

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