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24 X 7

24 X 7

Our nurses are available 24 hours a day: 7 days week. Our services are ensured to be prompt on 24×7 basis and we are committed to provide the top class services.



We provide our clients home health care services with compassion, excellence and reliability in East Delhi, West Delhi & South Delhi.



Feel free to call us on above numbers any time, we are available at your service any time.

Our Services

Male/Female Nurses

Shivam Nurses Bureau provides excellent male/female nurses to the patients at their homes, nursing homes or even at hospitals. Our motive is to provide good post medical/surgical nursing services after a patient is discharged from a nursing home/hospital so that the patient’s recovery becomes more economical and affordable. Shivam Nurses Bureau provides specialized nursing care for the post operative patients of hip or knee replacement as well spine surgery. Where a patient has been advised by doctors to take services of a trained Staff Nurse after being discharged from hospital, we are there to provide one who will :- • Monitor the vital signs • Check blood pressure; pulse rate; respiratory rate • Inject medicines (IV, IM, SC) prescribed by the doctors   during the ailing period or in the discharge summary • Administer oxygen and take stoma care • Tube feeding • Peg feeding

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We provide qualified and experienced physiotherapists, fully equipped with latest equipment like IFT, Ultra Sonic, SWD, Laser Therapy, MS etc., to treat patients at their homes who are suffering from:- • Arthritis • Paralysis • Fracture • Knee pain • Joint Pain • Neck Pain; • Back Pain, • Cervical Spondylitis • Lumber Spondylitis, • Frozen Shoulder, • Dislocation etc.

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Male/Female Patient Attendants

Sometimes, one may not require the services of a trained nurse but needs a person who is familiar with how to handle a patient, we are there to provide male/female patient attendants who will:- • Keep the patient clean and in hygienic condition • Help the patient to move around • Help the patient in his/her personal hygiene like   cleaning, bathing/sponging, grooming; feeding and  back care; mouth care etc. • Change the bedding and clothing • Changing the diapers • Administer oral medication • Administer oxygen

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      We also provide experienced Ayas who can take care of not only new borns but also elderly or sick people. In fact,  they are very helpful in the case of working mothers or working couples. When the working couple is out for work,  these Ayas can take care of kids or elderly people who are left at home.

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