Shivam Nurses Bureau (Regd.) Nursing Care Agency- Nurse, Attendant, Aya and Physiotherapist

Nursing Services in Greater Noida

(24 Hours Nursing Services and Home Healthcare Services)

We provide experienced and trained Nurses at home to take care of your loved ones.

  • Skilled and Experienced Nurses at home
  • Complete assistance in Feeding and going Washroom
  • Proper schedule followed for Medications and Diet
  • Helping hand in caring and dressing wounds.

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    Why to consider 24 Hours Nursing Services in Greater Noida?

    • Home Care Nurses in Greater Noida can be there when you’re not ready to be – In the event that you are taking care and sometime you’re not available, home Nurse can give you true serenity. Prepared and qualified Nurses can survey dangers and simplify remedies at home — from assisting for bathroom, to get Ambulance Assistance.
    • Home Nurses in Greater Noida upholds activities of day to day residing – In-home administrations permit grown-ups to get everyday assistance with the individual consideration they need, saving their pride and keeping a decent personal satisfaction. Help with exercises of day to day living like bathing, grooming and medications reminder.
    • Support with diet and Nutrition – Are your friends and family getting the nourishment they need to stay healthy? Adults more than the age of 65 and more seasoned, individuals with persistent circumstances, and those as of late released from a clinic or nursing office are probably going to be healthfully in danger. Maturing, bed rest, ailment, and injury can all add to the deficiency of lean weight. 24 Hours Nursing Services might incorporate wholesome advising and home-prepared dinners to safeguard your friends and family against ailing health.
    • Prescription and Medications administration – Assuming your adored one is on numerous prescriptions and It might be sometimes confusing to give right medicine. 24 Hours Nursing Services in Noida can guarantee the ideal prescriptions of Medicine are being taken at the perfect times to control harmfull ailments and unwanted Drug Interactions.
    • Home Nursing Services in Noida give caring companionship – Research shows that maturing grown-ups stay better with social collaboration. Home wellbeing helpers can become confided in companions for strolls, perusing, cards, games, films, dinners, and other social exercises. Backup on tasks, for example, shopping for food, clinical arrangements, and different exercises are likewise added benefits.
    • Get a helping hand in household chores with 24 Hours Nursing Services – When aging adults struggle the daily chores of housework, such as laundry, cleaning, bed sheet change, and simple chores home care helps to consistently maintain a safe and healthy living environment for treatments.
    • Home care can result better than Hospital Care – Research has shown that Home Healthcare are practically identical or better with less confusions when Hospital care is given to patient’s persistent circumstances like pneumonia, diabetes, or COPD.
    • One-on-one concentration and support –  Home Nurses administrations are really remarkable, giving significant, one-on-one private and gifted care that forms solid connections among Home Nurses and the patients. As per the survey reports, an individual who is considered by a home nurse in the solace of home all the more promptly believes that the medical care group puts their requirements first.
    • A reasonable option against hospital care –  The basic expense of care from 24 Hours Nursing Services is around Rs.2000 each day, while the typical expense of Hospital medical services is around Rs. 10k to 15k.
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